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Tag: iTunes

My iPhone Just Killed My FRS – Hello HeyTell

My iPhone Just Killed My FRS -- Hello HeyTell

I used to love my FRS. I didn’t have to pay for anything; I could talk to people a fair distance away — and it always reminded me of playing with walkie talkies as a kid. Good times. Well, those days are gone. The iPhone/Android app HeyTell has put the proverbial smackdown on my FRS use — when it comes to other HeyTell users, anyway.

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Get Your Current eBook Library On Your iBooks Bookshelf with Calibre

Get Your Current eBook Library On Your iBooks Bookshelf with Calibre | 40Tech

One of the most annoying things about eReader apps on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (that have their own dedicated stores) is their proprietary nature — namely, they generally only read books you have purchased from their respective companies, regardless of the library you already own. This can be a pain, as it leads to both multiple eReader apps on your phone and several books inevitably left twisting in the proverbial wind. You can use Stanza for iPhone to solve this problem, but why not put all of your books on that pretty iBooks bookshelf? As of version 0.7, Calibre lets you do just that!

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10 Free Programs I Can’t Live Without, Part 1

free2 It really is amazing how much free tech is out there.  Scanning over my desktop, I realized just how many of the programs that I use on a regular basis don’t cost me a dime.  Some of them, I couldn’t live without. That means it is time for a list of the free applications that I find to be essential. To qualify for my top ten list, a program has to be installed on my machine, regardless of whether its functionality uses the internet or not.  I’m leaving Evernote off of the list, because I’ve upgraded to the paid version.  At some point in the future, I’ll take a look at cloud applications.  Without further adieu, I present the first five.  In a later post, I posted the next five.     Photo by Robert S. Donovan. Read more