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Find Updates, Files, Connections Quickly: Search Your Personal Cloud with Greplin

Greplin: Find Updates, Files, Connections Quickly: Search Your Personal Cloud | 40Tech

With all of the information, files and, well… stuff we have stored online, it can be a bit complicated to sift through it all when you need to go back and find something. Greplin makes that sort of search a whole lot easier. It indexes several of your online accounts, not the least of which are Facebook, Dropbox, and Gmail, and works like your own personal Google.

Greplin Using the Twitter Search Filter | 40Tech

Greplin has been around since the latter part of 2010, and entered public beta in February of this year. Since then, they have been adding more and more services, and have even developed a Chrome extension that plugs them right into your Gmail — for a search experience that is arguably better than Google’s built in functionality.

Greplin is free to use for the most part, indexing up to 10GB worth of data from services like Twitter, Gmail, and other personal Google services like Gcal, Docs and Contacts, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Dropbox. If you want to index accounts like Evernote, Google Apps, and business-related services like Basecamp and Salesforce, however, you will need a premium subscription — which is only $4.99 per month ($49.99/year). There are also a few services that are unlockable via recommendations to friends, such as Tumblr, Google Reader, and

Greplin Indexes, Searches Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and More | 40Tech

If you have a need to search through your online files and life in general, it doesn’t get better than Greplin. The interface is fantastic, the instant search feature saves time, and it actually performs better and faster than Google even in the search giant’s own services. The Chrome extension is a nice touch, as well, as it also plugs into the Omnibar, allowing you to search your data by simply typing the letter g, followed by a space and your search term.

Check it out here.

Want to help me unlock the unlockables? Get Greplin via this link.

What do you think of Greplin?

A Search Engine For Finding Similar Sites

similar site search

If you wish that there were an easy way to find sites that you like, then SimilarSiteSearch might just be what you’re looking for.  SimilarSiteSearch allows you to input the URL of a site, and then view a list of sites similar to that site.  Think of it as AlternativeTo, but for web sites.

You won’t get results right away for every site you enter.  For lesser known sites, SimilarSiteSearch will queue the query, perform its magic, and then add the site to its database.  If you return a few minutes later, you should then be able to run the search again and see the results.

When reviewing search results, you can give a site a thumbs up or thumbs down to indicate whether it is in fact similar to the site that you input.  Future searches for that site will then take the rating into account.

similar site search results

After getting results, you can fine tune your search by specifying tags that you want the search to include or omit.  You can also rate sites, and see a list of similar sites recommended by other users.

For another search engine that does much the same thing, also check out SimilarSites.  Do you know of any others?

SimilarSiteSearch [via MakeUseOf]