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Free Stuff! Review, Giveaway of ScreenDr & SkipDr Products by Digital Innovations

Giveaway of ScreenDr & SkipDr Products by Digital Innovations | 40Tech

Every once in a while, we get the opportunity to offer you guys something for free. We don’t always do it, mind you — we get a lot of solicitations, and only care to post about the products we think will be most useful to you. Well, a few weeks ago I was contacted by a representative of Digital Innovations. They make products for cleaning LCD screens, repairing discs, that sort of thing. I’ve seen their products before, or others like them, but honestly never considered buying them. I tend to roll on the cheap, as you know, and didn’t want to spend money on things that I wasn’t sure would even work.

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Review of GTD in Springpad & Which GTD Solution Nina Chose [Reader Workflow]

Review of GTD in Springpad & Which GTD Solution Nina Chose [Reader Workflow] | 40Tech

Reading about how our readers approach their tech/workflow combinations has been both enlightening and a pleasure. You guys are smart — and we appreciate you taking the time to articulate your personal systems with us. Nina Kefer has already shown us two GTD setups in applications she has experimented with. Her Beauty and Brains: Getting Things Done™ In Style series has put an emphasis on mobility (from the iPhone), a beautiful user interface, and above all, functionality. She wraps up her series today with her own take on and review of GTD in Springpad (Bobby put together a slightly different approach here), and a final conclusion as to which GTD setup ultimately works the best for her – and might for you, too.

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FundedApps Wants to Make Your App Ideas a Reality — Is there a Catch?

FundedApps Wants to Make Your App Ideas a Reality -- Is there a Catch? | 40Tech

If you’ve ever thought that you had the perfect idea for an app, but just didn’t have the time, the means, or the skills to build and launch your gift to the mobile world (and your wallet), well guess what: there’s an app for that. Now before you begin mentally slaying me for my use of Apple’s now cliche slogan, read on — I’m actually not joking. The app is called FundedApps, and its entire purpose is for you to send in your idea so that they can make it happen for you. If they like your idea, you get £250 upfront, plus 25% of the net profit that the app makes.

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Create and Publish Your Own Children’s Book with Storyjumper

Create, Publish Your Own Children;s Book with Storyjumper | 40Tech

If you’re an aspiring children’s author, a teacher, or just looking for something fun to do with a kid in your life, Storyjumper is something you’ll want to take a look at. I came across the web app randomly and was amazed by how easy it was to jump in and start creating. In fact, me and my two year old made a book just tonight — and she wrote it.

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Glasscubes: A One-Stop Shop For Your Productivity, Collaboration, and CRM Needs


I admit it: I'm a productivity junkie. I am ever on the search for that elusive application that brings me just one step closer to organizational nirvana. Currently, I'm loving Producteev — but you're never to tied down too look… right? As debatable as that may be to some, when a business acquaintance introduced me to Glasscubes, I was wowed enough to dig in and give it a try. Glasscubes is pretty, smart and extremely well rounded! If you are looking for a really slick and functional service that allows you to collaborate on documents, share files,  manage tasks, projects, and calendars — and even use as a CRM and teleconferencing tool — then you'll want to check out Glasscubes.

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