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If anyone is interested in it, I’m weaving a blanket from the lint I just cleaned out of my iPhone’s lightning port.

Not saying that’s a bad thing. I still like using iOS, but view it for what it is (for me) instead of basking in its relative newness, & the excitement that comes with it and with the greater frequency of changes and improvements to it. I’m often a sucker for that stuff.

I increasingly find myself wishing I were at my Mac, not because of shortcomings of the iPad, but because I get more delight out of macOS. I think that makes me an animal in tech circles. Took a few years, but the “newness” of the iPad has worn off for me so it is just a tool.

So I may have just jumped out of the in-app Tweetbot web browser and into Safari to read an article, so it wouldn’t count against my self-imposed social media limit in Screentime. #willpower

So one flaw with the Presidential Alert system – no way to get back a dismissed alert. (Or if there is one, it’s not obvious). I dismissed it without looking at it during a meeting, as did my 3 clients, and it appears it is gone forever.