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Apple Watch Series 4 – Bullet Point List of Improvements

I’m trying to come up with a concise list of improvements to the Apple Watch, to evaluate whether it is worth an upgrade. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Granted, much of this comes from press releases, so it isn’t really intended to be an objective evaluation.

  • 30% bigger screen with only slightly bigger footprint
  • Thinner
  • 2X faster
  • FDA-cleared EKG scanner
  • Updated accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Fall detection
  • Better cellular strength due to new underside
  • Haptic feedback in Digital Crown
  • Louder speaker.

Did I miss anything?

The Apple Watch Giving You a Snapshot of Your Life

Who knew the Apple Watch could give you insights into exciting moments in your life? This photo shows my heart rate yesterday, courtesy of my Apple Watch. Yes, I’ve been a lifelong Eagles’ fan, and yes, I may have been a bit stressed in that 4th quarter.

A Rant About the Slow Adoption of Apple Pay

Pretty soon, it’s going to be hard to find a bank in the U.S. that doesn’t offer Apple Pay:

Apple Pay officially expanded to its sixth country yesterday with Apple adding support for Singapore and today, the company has added support for over 50 new banks and credit unions in the United States.

(From Apple Pay comes to over 50 new banks and credit unions in the United States | 9to5Mac)

Rant time: seeing an article like this just reminds me how hard it is to find merchants who accept contactless payment options like Apple Pay, at least where I’m located in Pennsylvania. It’s telling that I’m pleasantly surprised when I discover a merchant that accepts Apple Pay, instead of being disappointed when one doesn’t.

I have no clue what Apple is doing behind the scenes to get more merchants on board, so I don’t know whether the fault lies with Apple, or with merchants who are slow to adopt change. I’d love to know if Apple has any incentives, such as subsidies for new contactless payment terminals, to get smaller merchants on board.

Once you’ve used Apple Pay (or, I presume, a competing contactless payment system like Android Pay), you realize just how simple it makes the checkout process, and don’t want to go back to using cash or a credit card. That’s doubly true if you’re paying from your Apple Watch. No more fumbling around for cash or a credit card. Checkout lines would be cut in half for some merchants. My wife is probably tired of hearing me say, “this line would be gone if all these people were using Apple Pay.”

So, come on folks, what’s the hold up?

The Apple Watch – Not Perfect but Still Useful

Eddie Smith over at Practically Efficient read my mind when he explained how the Apple Watch fits into his life.

Considering the frequency with which I’ve used the Watch every day for nearly a year now, the graph of my investment in the Watch per unit of utility is an asymptote teasing zero. For me, all of the following have been enough in Watch version 1.

He then lists 7 ways the Apple Watch works for him, and explains that his abandonment of third party apps on the Watch hasn’t diminished the ways in which the Watch is useful. Hit up the link for his list and a full explanation.

I still wear the Apple Watch | Practically Efficient

My Apple Watch in the Central Penn Business Journal

A few months ago, I was interviewed for a story in the Central Penn Business Journal about my use of the Apple Watch. At the time, that story was behind a paywall. That’s no longer the case, and you now can read the story here. For what it’s worth, I’m still using my Apple Watch as described in the article.

Attorney taps Apple Watch to enhance work and receive quick snippets of information | Central Penn Business Journal