If you’re a lawyer, writer, or student, or work in any other profession that needs to digest dates visually, a timeline tool can be indispensable. I’ve found Aeon Timeline on the Mac to be fantastic and was vaguely aware that an iOS version was in development. This morning I awoke to an email announcing that Aeon Timeline for iOS is now available.

I’m currently downloading it so I haven’t tried it out yet, but the email touts these features:

  • Timeline View gives you a chronological, graphical view of events in your timeline
  • Relationship View let’s you capture and view the relationships between your timeline events, and the people, locations, story arcs or projects associated with them
  • Use groups and filters to quickly find information, or narrow your focus to the current task
  • Flesh out the complete details of your timeline with nested events, dependencies, images and attachments
  • Share timelines between Mac, Windows, and your iOS devices using iCloud or Dropbox* – Customize your experience with themes, colours, and icons

I still prefer handcrafting timelines in Keynote for use at trial, as even a beautiful app like Timeline 3D can be too distracting, and doesn’t give as nice an overview as I’d want. But these apps can be a fantastic aid to see how facts fit together.

In the Mac version of Aeon Timeline, I also like the ability to sync a timeline with other apps like Scrivener and Ulysses. I’ll be curious to dive into the iOS version to see if any similar features are present, but just the ability to pick up a timeline on my iPad and work on it was incentive enough to drop the $19.99 for the iOS app.