Charlie Sorrel writing for Cult of Mac:

Somewhere after the launch of iOS 11, Apple tweaked Spotlight search to be way more useful. Now, when you search for a person, you can trigger a sub-search that lets you find everything you have on them, from emails, to iMessages, to their contact details, through WhatsApp messages, to calendar events. Anywhere that your selected contact exists on your iPhone or iPad will show up in the list.

This Cult of Mac title is a bit click-baity, but the tip is still handy. If you’re like me, Spotlight on iOS is one of those features that you really need to spend some time learning. It can even be a half-decent way to start a web search.

I could see myself using Spotlight similar to how I use Drafts on iOS. I start almost all text in Drafts – tasks, notes, email, even blog posts. Spotlight could be where I start all searches, and then drill down deeper from there.