With the FCC having rolled back Title II protections that classified the Internet as a public utility, you may wonder if your ISP is throttling your traffic. The Wehe app, available on both iOS and Android, allows you to do so.

Wehe - ISP detect throttling

The app is part of a study on ISP’s treatment of different kinds of traffic.

Wehe uses your device to exchange traffic recorded from real, popular apps like YouTube and Spotify—effectively making it look as if you are using those apps. As a result, if an ISP tries to slow down an YouTube, our app would see the same behavior. We then send the same app traffic, but replacing the content with randomized bytes , which prevents the ISPs from classifying the traffic. Our hypothesis is that the randomized traffic will not see application-specific shaping, but the original traffic will see it. We repeat these tests several times to rule out noise from bad network conditions, and tell you at the end whether your ISP is shaping your traffic.

Wehe: Check Your ISP for Net Neutrality Violations

Warning – the app takes a long time to perform its testing. That might be due to server overload.