Yep, that image you see above is a screenshot of OmniFocus 2 for iPad. OmniFocus has been my task management app of choice since early 2012. I use it on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The Mac and iPhone versions have both received updates since I started using them, while the iPad version has been stuck with the “old look.” The bigger drawback of the current iPad version, aside from the look, is the lack of background sync. That means that the app currently only updates when it is active.

All of that should change soon. Ken Case, the Omni Group’s CEO, recently tweeted the above screenshot. In a tweet containing another screenshot (see below), he also announced that the Pro version will let you customize your sidebar with your own perspectives. Finally, he also announced via Twitter that the Omni Group is hoping to launch the app on September 17, if iOS 8 launches on that date.

Now I’m really looking forward to iOS 8. How about you?

Here is the second screenshot, showing a settings page: