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1Password’s Best New Feature

1Password update

1Password’s 4.5 update for iOS introduced several improvements, including a new coat of paint to bring it more in line with the look of iOS 7. The AgileBits blog recently contained a post setting forth all of the improvements of the update, yet the update that was most important to me wasn’t listed.

Specifically, you can now do a multiple word search from the address bar in 1Browser, 1Password’s built in browser. Unless I was doing something wrong, this wasn’t possible until now. You could either type a web address, or a single word, but there was no easy way to add a space into the address bar. Or, if there was a way to do it, it wasn’t evident to me. I have no way to go back and check the old version to see for sure.

Now the address bar works just like in Safari, and you can put in complete search terms as well as addresses.

Was this already there, and I was just missing it? Or is this really new? Either way, it’s new to me, and it makes an already strong app much more usable.

UPDATE, MAY 8, 2014: 1Password tweeted a reply yesterday, confirming that this is a new feature:

— 1Password (@1Password) May 8, 2014