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Review: Gmyle Mini Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speakers

Gmyle portable speakersIf it were up to my wife, we would have a house without wires. Fortunately for her, technology seem to be heading in that direction. At home, we do have a wired speaker system, but probably get just as much use out of a Logitech Mobile Boombox in our master bathroom. Gmyle recently provided me with their Mini Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speakers, and I’ve had a chance to get some impressions of them compared to my Logitech speakers.

The first thing I noticed about the Gmyle speakers were their size. They are small. There are actually two speakers – a left and a right – and each one is almost exactly the same circumferance as a soda can, while being about 35–40% as tall. Each speaker has rubber feet on the bottom to keep it in place, and a red grill on top. The right speaker has three buttons on the front that allow you to control the volume, and to play and pause the audio from a bluetooth music source. The left and right speakers connect with a connection cable that runs between them (so if you wanted to get picky, the speakers aren’t completely wireless, but you don’t need a wire connected to your source device to play music).

gmyle speaker size

The Gmyle speakers aren’t going to replace your home theater system, but that’s not their intent. They are small and sturdy enough (they’re made out of a hard plastic) that I can toss them in my bag, and pull them out when I want to get audio that is better than the audio from my iPhone or iPad.

As I’ve noted before on this site, I’m not an audiophile. To my untrained ears, the speakers are very clear, although without much bass compared to the Logitech Mobile Boombox that I own. Where these speakers differ from other Bluetooth solutions, like the Logitech Mobile Boombox, is that you can get some separation from the left and right speakers. The connection cable between the speakers is about 2 feet long. I placed the speakers on the shelf behind my desk at work, directly behind my head, to maximize this effect.

Gmyle speaker separation

If you’re looking for a permanent solution, then you probably want something with a bit more oomph and bass than these speakers, but if you want something light and small, or if you primarily use your speakers for spoken word (podcasts or audiobooks) then these would be a good choice. At the time of this writing, the speakers sell for $24.98.

Gmyle Mini Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speakers