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Tamrac MX5378 Camera Lens Case Review

tamrac 5378 lens case thumbnailI’m a noob photographer, but I’ve found that I’ve already accumulated a few camera bags. I have my backpack for when I want to take all my gear, a shoulder bag for when I want my camera and two or three lenses, and a very small bag that will hold my camera with a small lens attached. Recently, at the same time as when I was provided with a MacBook Pro Retina sleeve for review, I was also provided another type of camera gear case – a Tamrac MX5378 Camera Lens Case. This one was provided by LoveCases, a UK photography case site.

The intent of a case like this is to hold one lens, which makes it great for those instances where you want to grab your camera and don’t want to lug a bag around, but might want to swap out a lens. The case is foam-padded on all sides, and the zipper-closing top contains a flap that is billed as providing rain protection. I’m not brave enough to take my gear out in the rain, so I can’t comment on that.

You can attach the case to your belt via a flap that attaches and detaches at one end via velcro and two buttons. This flap is also billed as able to be attached to other products that use Tamrac’s Modular Accessory System. This is my first Tamrac product, so I haven’t been able to test that feature. I found that the case sits comfortably against my side with a lens in it, without excess flapping around.

Lens case belt clip

The build quality of the case appears to be good, but I haven’t had it long enough to see how it will hold up with extended use. I have no reason to expect it to fall apart, though, given how sturdy it seems.

Lens case inside


My longest lens, a Nikon 55-200mm lens, fits in the case with room to spare. The specs for the case call for it to be able to fit lens of length up to 140mm (or 5 3/4 inches tall), with a filter size of 58mm.

Lens case size

All in all, this case performs well. If you want absolute protection, you should look for a hard case, but this one is fine for my purposes.


Tamrac MX5378 Camera Lens Cases – Large

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