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Amazon Finally Makes It Easy to Reset the Furthest Read Location on Your Kindle

Kindle furthest read location

If you share your Kindle account with someone, it could be a headache to read a book that the other person has already read. The problem? If you use Amazon’s Whispersync technology, your Kindle will think that the furthest read location is the end of the book (or wherever the previous reader left off). I previously wrote about the convoluted process you could use to reset the furthest read location on your Kindle. Fortunately, Amazon has now come up with a much easier way to reset the furthest read location.

You will need a computer to do this. After signing into your Account from a web browser, go the “Your Account” drop down menu on the right side of the screen (next to the search box), and select “Manage Your Kindle.” When your list of books comes up, choose “Clear furthest page read . . .” Simple as that.

How many of you share a Kindle account with someone else? My wife and I are currently on a single account. We have different tastes in books, which means that my book list is filled with numerous titles that I’ll never read. I’d love to Amazon give us the ability to filter a book list on a per user basis. I doubt we’ll ever see that, though, because Amazon doesn’t really have vested interested in making it easier for multiple users to read a single book.

Thanks to Lauren and JMichael, who commented on the previous post on this topic, and alerted me that Amazon had finally added in this functionality.