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Which Crashes More, iOS or Android?

Android vs ios crash rate

iOS is more stable than Android. Android’s open nature is a blessing and a curse, leading to a system that is much less stable.That’s what we hear at least, right? One study calls those assumptions into question, finding that iOS is more crash-prone than Android.

Crittercism, a mobile app monitoring company, compiled crash data for 214 million app launches from November and December 2011 from apps that use its service. The study broke out apps for iOS and Android into quartiles, comparing the two platforms against each other in each quartile. It found that the best Android apps (i.e. the ones that crashed the least) crashed about a third as often as the best iOS apps. Both rates were below 1%, so the differences actually weren’t too great. Android apps crashed at a rate of 0.15% of app launches, while iOS apps crashed during 0.51% of app launches.

The company also released crash data for the period of December 1 through December 15, breaking down the statistics into a normalized data set to compare the percentage of crashes for which each operating system, by version, was responsible. iOS was the most crash-prone, accounting for 28.64% of all crashes.

I imagine that a statistician, or Kosmo, could have a field day with these numbers. For example, the study, by necessity, only included phones that utilized Crittercism’s monitoring service. What if that service introduced crashing issues that victimized iOS more than Android?

At the very least, though, the numbers should at least cause us to question the conventional wisdom that iOS is more stable than Android. I can only compare my Android phone with my iPad. If I think about it, my Android phone may be more frustration-inducing for other reasons, but apps rarely crash on it. My iPad, on the other hand, has had apps crash more frequently. What has been your experience?

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