After a long love affair with Bioware games, I’ve found myself smitten with Skryim, by Bethesda. As with the other two games in the Elder Scrolls series that I’ve played, Morrowind and Oblivion, Skyrim features a huge, do-anything world for you to explore. Unlike those two earlier games, Skryim has me completely addicted. If you’re not playing it, you’re missing out on one of the best games in years. Skyrim’s world is tremendously immersive. The number of books that you’ll find all over Skryim adds to that immersion. The drawback with the number of books that you can find is that reading them takes some time. I have limited time, so I wanted a way to read the books when I wasn’t in front of the computer. Thanks to an enterprising gamer, you can do just that.

A gamer going by the name of Capaneus discovered that the text of the books was actually stored in plain text in the game install files. He copied the text, pasted it into separate documents, gave it headings, and then created a table of contents and a cover.

To get the complied book, head on over to his site, where you’ll find both MOBI (Kindle) and EPUB (Nook, iOS, others) versions. Download the file, and then copy it to your device via USB (at least for the Kindle). I’ve also emailed the MOBI file to my Kindle address, and gotten it onto my Kindle that way. Check to make sure you don’t incur any charges with that method.

Are you playing Skyrim? What do you think of it?

Dovahkiin Gutenberg [via the Unofficial Kindle Fire Blog]