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App of the Week: Track and Sync Your Baby’s Feedings, Diaper Changes, and More With Baby Connect [Android, iPad, iPhone]

Baby connect iphone ipad ios android web

As most of you will probably agree, 40 isn’t so old. In fact, nowadays 40 isn’t too old to raise a newborn. That’s what is going on in my household right now, as we raise a baby that is just a couple of weeks old. When Baby 40Tech was born, my wife and I knew that it was important to keep track of the baby’s feedings, diapers, and more. Naturally, I looked to tech for help with that.

I started with the trial of an Android app, Baby ESP, that worked quite well. It let me log our baby’s feedings, diapers, sleep, and more. It served us well for the first week, until I realized that it would be of limited utility. The problem was that it was an Android-only app, and I was the only one in the family with an Android device. Hmmm. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could find an app that worked on iPhone, iPad, and Android, and automatically synced between all devices in the house? I did.

The app that I discovered, that has worked amazingly well for us, is Baby Connect. Baby Connect is a commercial product, with apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Unfortunately, each of those apps requires a separate purchase, setting you back $4.99 each time. There is also a free web app, although it isn’t quite as elegant as the iOS and Android apps.

The nuts and bolts of Baby Connect are very similar to those found in Baby ESP. The app lets you log many aspects of your baby’s care, including feeding, nursing, diapers, sleep, mood, activities, and medicine. For example, for a diaper change, you can input the time of the change, and whether the diaper was “Wet,” “BM,” or “BM+Wet.” You can also input the consistency and color of the BM (there’s a phrase I thought I’d never see on 40Tech), along with whether it involved an open air accident or leaky diaper. The other functions work much how you’d expect. With feeding, for example, you input the type of food your baby ate, how much, and for how long. For now, my wife and I are primarily using the diaper and feeding functionality of the app, although I could see our use of the app expanding as our baby grows older.

To get an idea of the different types of information that you can log, here are some screenshots pulled from the Baby Connect website, showing images from the iPhone app:

Baby connect iphone 2 Baby connect iphone


Here’s an official screenshot from the iPad app:

Baby connect ipad 1


And here are a couple of the official screenshots from the Android app:

Baby connect android3  Baby connect android4

Aside from the main features, there are many features hidden in the nook and crannies of the apps, such as a timer when recording feedings, the ability to record your baby’s blood type, and the ability to view charts that give you a visual overview of the information that you’ve entered.

The best feature of Baby Connect is its ability to sync between devices. We’ve installed it on my Android phone, our iPad, and my old iPhone. We always have one nearby, and can quickly enter the necessary information. That information is then synced to the other devices, so my wife and I are always aware of our baby’s feeding and diaper history. You can also enter and access information via a free web app, so I imagine I’ll be checking in on our girl from the office from time to time.

If you have more than one baby in the family, the app lets you set up a separate profile for each child. And if you’re not a private person, you can even input Twitter credentials into the app, and have the app tweet your baby’s history as you enter it.

If you would have told me 9 months ago that my most-used app would be a baby-tracking app, I probably would have laughed at you. It’s true, though. I now probably spend more time in Baby Connect than I do in Facebook, Twitter, or any other app. That’s by necessity, given the demands of a newborn, but Baby Connect has made the job a bit easier.

What technology have you found useful in caring for a baby?