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What Are Your Favorite Podcasts? Here Are Mine.

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A few months back, we covered Doggcatcher, an excellent Android podcast manager and player. What’s a good player, though, without a good podcast? With that in mind, let’s share out favorite podcasts. I’ll start with a list of the podcasts on Doggcatcher on my Android phone. In the comments, let us know about your favorite podcasts, tech or otherwise.

My list is dominated by two types of podcasts: podcasts on the TWiT network, and Mac podcasts. I’ve been listening to the TWiT network for years, and I currently gobble up everything Mac, since I’m fairly new to the platform. You’ll see I don’t stray away from tech in my listening choices. So, here you go:

  • This Week in Tech. The headline TWiT podcast consists of a panel of guests, along with Leo Laporte, that discusses the top tech stories each week. Some people complain about the irrelevant banter that can take place on the show, but I’ve listened long enough that I’ve gotten to know the various guests. As a result, I actually enjoy it when the conversation veers off topic.
  • Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy. This podcast is a rebroadcast of a radio show, by the head honcho of the TWiT network. The subject matter is often a bit more basic than what’s covered on other TWiT shows.
  • The Social Hour. Formerly [email protected], this one focuses on social media. Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane are the hosts.
  • This Week In Google. This one focuses on Google, but also covers cloud computing in general. Android comes up with some frequency.
  • Evernote Podcast. If you’ve followed 40Tech for any length of time, you didn’t think we’d miss the official Evernote podcast, did you?
  • MacBreak Weekly. Another TWiT podcast, MacBreak Weekly covers all things Apple.
  • MacCast. The MacCast bills itself as “for Mac Geeks, by Mac Geeks,” and might be the longest running Mac podcast out there. Despite the name, the host covers all Apple news, and not just the Mac.
  • Typical Mac User Podcast. This Mac podcast comes from the angle of an ordinary user, and covers news, tips, tricks, and basic Mac instruction.
  • Mac Power Users. Don’t let the title put you off if you’re new to Macs. I started listening to this after getting my first Mac (when I certainly wasn’t a power user), and still found the shows to be helpful and entertaining. The show covers tips, problems, instructions, and workflows.
  • The Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab. This one is largely a question and answer show, where the hosts read or play an audio file of listener questions, and then answer them. The questions and answers typically have a wider relevance than just to the people who asked them. The hosts cover other Mac tips as well.

In weeks where I’m not traveling or driving somewhere, I don’t have time to get through all of the podcasts on the list. I normally start with This Week in Tech, and then hit the Mac podcasts, since I’m currently soaking up as much Mac info as I can.

How about you? What podcasts are on your list?