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Find Out If LulzSec Has Your Email Passwords

lulzsec email check.jpg

The folks in Anonymous, the amorphous group of hackers, must be steaming right now. While Anonymous arguably has justifiable reasons for its hacking, Anonymous probably feels that another group of hackers is making a mockery of hackers everywhere. The self-proclaimed hacker group LulzSec will seemingly target any site at all, stealing user data and going so far as to set up a hotline to take hacking requests. Gizmodo has made it possible for you to check to see if your email has been hacked.

What have the LulzSec guys accomplished? They’ve shown that websites can be hacked pretty easily. Unfortunately the collateral damage has been thousands of innocent users, as these guys have released large amounts of user data. If you want to see if you’ve been hacked, head on over to the page that Gizmodo set up, that will run a check on a database of released email addresses. This isn’t foolproof, of course, since LulzSec probably has more addresses and passwords, and could release them at a later date.

What’s your take on LulzSec? Are they performing a public good by showing us that no site may be safe? If you’re a hacker yourself, do you feel that they’re making you look bad? We’d love to hear from you.