For most of us, our time is valuable. For the gamers among us, it can be frustrating to get online and end up in a game with griefers, idiots, or worse. Wouldn’t it be great if you could join or even set up games with like-minded players? PlayerMatching, an online video game matchmaking site, allows you to do just that. We’ve got some beta codes, below, to put you at the top of the invite list for the PlayerMatching beta.

Disclaimer here: I’m involved with PlayerMatching. I’m not alone in the venture, but it was my brainchild, cooked up after I became dismayed with the online gaming landscape. I was looking for a way to play games with people who shared my tastes or style, without the stuff you often find online.

playermatching dashboard

Finding and Scheduling Games

PlayerMatching doesn’t host any games itself. Instead, it allows you to schedule them, and also to sign up for games that other players have scheduled. When you schedule a game, you set the platform (PC, Xbox, PS3, or Wii), genre (shooter, RPG, etc.), description, and date and time of the game. You also set the game up as private or public. If it is public, any site member can join the game. If it is private, only members invited by you can join. Additional features are planned for the future, which will make picking a mutually agreeable date and time easier.

playermatching scheduling

You can view open games, filtering results by platform and genre. Additional filtering options are on the way. You also can view all of your private game invitations, and the games that you are scheduled to attend, from their own pages.


Finding and Setting Up Groups, Guilds, and Clans

If you have players with whom you enjoy playing, you can set up a group. Actually, a group can be broader than that, as the group creator can set it as a public or private (invite only) group. So, you could, for example, create a group for your clan or guild, or create a group for fans of shooters. Within each group, members can set up group-only games. Each group also has its own forum.

playermatching groups



Get Your Priority Beta Code

We’re gradually rolling out features, and also gradually adding members to the site. This post is the first public mention of the site, so to get in on the ground floor of the site, use the priority beta code “40Tech” to request beta access. The first 50 people to use that code will be bumped to the top of the invite list.


Do you ever have trouble finding like-minded players online?