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Access SkyDrive’s 25 GB of Storage on Android with Sorami

Bobby Travis

Access SkyDrive's 25 GB of Storage on Android with Sorami | 40Tech

Microsoft’s Windows Live SkyDrive may come with caveats relating to filesize and the like — it’s certainly no Dropbox — but any way you slice it, it is still hard to argue with 25 GB of free cloud storage. Now all of that space is accessible on your Android device with a simple app called Sorami.

Sorami allows you to use your Android device to dip into your SkyDrive and view, download, or share files, and even whole folders. You can also send files to SkyDrive from your phone’s SD card. The interface is pretty straightforward, even a bit Spartan, but it does the trick — but it should be mentioned and remembered that the app is still in beta. There are a few things to watch out for:

  • Authorization may fail with your current Windows Live account. The developer advises that you should create a new account to connect to Sorami if that happens.
  • SkyDrive’s [Photos] and [Favorites] folders cannot be accessed. Put the files you wish to access in the [My Documents] folder.
  • Apparently, putting your file in the root directory of SkyDrive is bad — don’t do it.

If you have an Android device and need 25 GB of storage space for files that are no larger than 50 MB, give Sorami a try. Let us know in the comments how it works out for you.

Sorami Opens Up SkyDrive’s 25 GB Cloud Storage to Your Android [Lifehacker via @edbott]