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Isn’t Tech Great? Here Comes the Self-Pouring Beer

self pouring beer

Every now and then an innovation comes along that can change the world. If you thought flying cars were cool, or that phones that can translate languages on the fly were cutting edge, you haven’t see anything yet. A Washington state startup company has invented the “Bottom’s Up Draft Beer Dispensing System.” While such an invention might not be “tech” in the way that we normally think of it, we can’t pass up a chance to write about this one.

The Bottom’s Up Draft Beer Dispensing System is a system that fills a draft beer nine times faster than normal methods. It doesn’t spill as much, either. The system works by using a cup with a hole in the bottom. A small magnet covers the hole, and is raised up by the beer coming in from the bottom, when placed on the system. When the beer is full, the weight of the beer in the cup pushes the magnet back down, and stops the flow.

Check out the videos below, which show how it works, and how quickly it operates (the company claims that stadiums can go from eight beer pourers for every two cashiers, to one beer pourer for every eight cashiers). No word yet on when you can get one for your own Super Bowl party.

How many would you like?

Via The Death of the Beer Line [ThePostGame]