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Let Google Goggles Do Your Thinking For You

Bobby Travis

Let Google Goggles Do YOur Thinking For You | 40Tech

If you own an Android or iOS device – at least one with a camera – you can now regale all of your friends with how insanely smart you are. The new version of Google Goggles has been ripping up the web in the past few days, as people buzz about the ridiculously fast barcode scanning of the Android client, print ad recognition in (popular) magazines and newspapers, and – perhaps most importantly – the ability to solve even the most difficult Sudoku puzzles in barely more than a blink.

Why would Google Goggles need the ability solve Sudoku? Frankly… who cares? As with many of the things in this world that don’t make you any smarter, it’s fun! If you don’t believe me, check out the cute promo video below, courtesy of the Google clan.

If you decide to test the new Goggles’ Sudoku prowess, make sure you get a clear shot of the puzzle without any of the extra bits you might find on, say, a webpage. If you don’t you will most likely be presented with search results over the solve puzzle button. I was never able to make it work with shots of my iPad app, either. Ahh well. It’s good to apply your brain sometimes, yes?

Happy puzzling!

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