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Tron-ify Your Stuff With EL Wire

Bobby Travis


Back in October, there was some geeky gushing going on about the Tron sequel. It was happening here on 40Tech – and the culprit might well have been me. I’m not saying it was… but it’s a definite possible kind of a certainty. Well, Tron Legacy has hit the box office, and even though I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, you might have – and you may well have been impressed enough to wish that you, too, could look all glowy and blue.

Ladyada and Becky Stern can help you out with that.

Check out the video and links below. If you’re feeling a little creative this holiday season, and aren’t afraid of a little EL wire and some solder, you too can be Tron-ified.

Go on, then. Get your geek on.

Tron Bag with EL Wire (Tutorial Link)

How-To: Tron Bag with EL WIre [Make:]