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Safe Tech that Protects You from Germs

Bobby Travis

Bobby Travis

This is a post by Bobby Travis, who wrote with me at 40Tech from 2009 through 2012. Bobby has since moved on to bigger and better things, but I've left all of his great contributions up on the site. - Evan
Bobby Travis

Safe Tech that Protects You From Germs | 40Tech

With fall now in full swing and winter just around the corner, people are putting on their “germaphobe” hats, armored t-shirts and gloves — and, of course, posts about ways to protect yourself from the invisible nasties have started to hit the blogosphere.  One such post, just today on My Life Scoop, detailed some tech solutions to combat germs that I thought I would share with you; two, in particular. After all, tech isn’t always about computers and related objects and software… a fact that I need to remind myself of, on occasion.

UV-C Light

This is based on a specific frequency of ultraviolet light that kills germies dead. Apparently it kills more that 99% of many common molds, allergens, bacteria, germs, etc, and is clean, affordable, and safe for all surfaces. This is what they use to sterilize things in some hospitals. You can get it in a Guardian Mini Wand, or in a Halo vacuum (which, is apparently a good thing, as, accourding to the article, a square inch of carpet holds about four times as many germs as a “typical” toilet seat… freaky, eh?).


Pick up a steam mop, like Steamboy by Reliable, if you want to scald the germs off of your kitchen and bathroom floor. It works well, and refills are cheap.

Check out the article below for the full list of four.

4 High-Tech Weapons for the War Against Germs [My Life Scoop]