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Want a Touchscreen Wall? Table? Mirror? Check Out Skin.

Bobby Travis

Want a Touchscreen Wall? Table? Mirror? Check Out Skin.

If you are even halfway interested in some of the “neat-o” tech available in futuristic sci-fi films, you are going to want to learn all you can about Skin. Skin is a hot new bit of tech that’s been brought to market by Displax, purveyors of several intriguing touch screen devices such as Crayon, an interactive table for kids, and the Oqtopus multitouch table. Skin takes all previous future-tech from Displax to a whole new level , though. We’re talking touchscreen-on-any-surface kind of cool.

“You could place Skin on any surface, transparent or opaque, flat or curved, and use it to display any interactive content you like. Displax‚Äôs multi-touch technology can detect up to 16 fingers at once and can also detect air movement.

Skin is completely transparent and works on surfaces that are also transparent; you can place Skin on a glass surface and interact with content displayed under the glass.”

Skin is a polymer film that works via nano-technology, and doubtless could have thousands of useful applications.

I want it in my house. What do you think Skin could be used for?

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