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Save Your Work or Just Your Sanity With Giggles

Bobby Travis

Giggles Computer Funtime for BabyIf you have a curious toddler — either your own or just a frequent visitor — then you know how much they truly enjoy pressing the buttons on your computer. Secretly, you are probably certain that the child is bent on pressing just the right combination of buttons at just the wrong time so that he or she can spend some time giggling while you cry for a change. Fight back against infant tyranny! Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby has a relatively inexpensive but powerful game suite that helps protect your work and whatever hair you might have left — and even teaches the kid stuff!

The Giggles software set comes in five flavours of fun computer games for toddlers: My Animal Friends, My Musical World, ABC’s and 123’s, Nursery Rhymes, and Shapes and Colors. Each title can be ordered as a 2-CD set or download and features the Giggles Gang: a gaggle of cutesy animal-types headed by a very friendly and cute talking cartoon dog. Fire up the program, which locks out your system no matter what keys are pressed, and your 6-to-36 month old bundle of joy can delight in bashing away at your keyboard as shapes and numbers and animals and more frolic about on the screen to some delightful kiddie music — and not the terribly annoying kind of kiddie music either. There is also a handy screensaver for easy activation in those moments when you need to walk away from your laptop or desktop and your little cutie-pie gets curious.


The multiple award-winning Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby sells for $19.99 a pop and each title includes “14 activities and over 50 songs in 5 unique music styles”. There are English and Spanish language versions, and the My Animal Friends title even comes in Dutch and French. It’s available for Windows and Mac and even has a trial download so you can try it with your kid before you decide to buy. Me and my little girl have used the trial of the ABC’s and 123’s and a friend of ours has the Shapes and Colors; both resulted in some wide-eyed interactivity that, at the very least, have tickled awake her inner geek. Give the demo a try here.

Do you use Giggles? Know of any other good interactive software for kids? Let us know in the comments.