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Thwart Criminals With Your 650K Volt iPhone Case

yellow jacket iphone case

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, along comes the Yellow Jacket iPhone case. If you’ve ever been bothered by the bulk of the stun gun that you carry around in your front pocket, then the Yellow Jacket might be the iPhone case for you.

The Yellow Jacket contains a 650K volt stun gun that, according to the manufacturer, is capable of taking down an attacker. The case also has its own external battery that the manufacturer claims is capable of giving your iPhone an additional 20 hours of standby battery life.

The case is currently a project that is seeking funding on Indiegogo, with a target release date in September. For more information, check out the Indiegogo page, which contains a promo video and other information about the product. The planned first iteration will be for the iPhone 4/4S, with iPhone 5, HTC Evo, and Samsung Galaxy models planned on the horizon.

The manufacturer describes the case as comparable in size to a Mophie Juice Pack or Otter Box Defender, coming in at around 1″ in thickness. If you’re worried about shocking yourself, the case features a safety switch and a rotating electrode cap.

Will those specs in mind, and assuming that stun guns are legal in your jurisdiction (check out the product’s Indiegogo page for a list of places where it isn’t legal), would you carry something like this?

Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case [via Red Ferret]


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  1. Very impressive iphone case concept, i guess you dont need to carry pepper spray anymore.

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