App of the Week: Paper Camera [iOS, Android]

Paper camera iphone

Both the iOS App Store and the Android Market offer an abundance of camera apps. There are so many, that it takes either great functionality or a unique twist for an app to stand out. One that does so is Paper Camera, available as both an Android and an iPhone/iPad app. Paper Camera lets you use your camera to output real time cartoon and painting effects that have to be seen to appreciated.

I’ve tried out Paper Camera on Android, so I can’t speak for the iOS version. On Android, the app takes a few seconds to start, but when it does you’re presented with a unique interface, that almost looks hand-sketched.

Paper Camera screen

From that interface, you select the effects you want by scrolling through options. The effects include ones called Sketch Up (your image looks like a sketch), Comic Book (your image looks like it jumped off the pages of a comic book), Old Printer (your image will look pixelated, like it was printed with an old printer), Neon Cola (your image will have parts of it outlined in Neon), Pastel Perfect (your image will be shaded in pastel tones), and a few others.

You’re also presented with sliders to adjust the contrast, brightness, and lines, and buttons to zoom in and zoom out. There’s a button to take the photo, and one to go to your photo gallery. If you go to the gallery, you can select a photo, which will then be imported into the app. From there, you can apply the same effects that you can to photos taken from directly within the app.

There’s also a share button and an email button on the screen, but they’re not there to let you share your photos. Instead, they only let you share news of the app or email the developer, respectively.

Paper Camera is one of those apps that, when I’ve shown it to people, they’ll often pick up their phone, head to the App Store or Android Market, and download it. It’s currently $1.99 in the Android Market, and $0.99 in the App Store.

Paper Camera [iOS] [Android]

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  1. Oh wow, I love unique apps like this. They come along every so often.

  2. Wow, this app looks amazing! I will definitely have a lot of fun using that with my Android phone.

  3. What the heck, a paper camera? Oh, so it’s an app..

  4. I bought this a while ago. There aren’t many apps that I’ve actually paid for but this is so good. And so good to show others.

    I then managed to get a free copy of it for my wife’s phone from GetJar. Don’t know if they still have it.

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  6. This app is so great. I actually used this app to make a video comic book on my youtube channel called Shmic. This app definitely has great potential!

  7. I have never found a “cartoon” app as good as ToonPAINT. Paper Camera creates sketches, I would say, but not cartoons. My next-favorite app in the sketch/cartoon category is ToonCamera. I’ve had them both for quite a long time and think they are still better than the newer apps.

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