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Posterous Digest – Affordable GPS, and Google Voice Improvements

40techposterous It is time for another digest of recent content on 40Tech’s Posterous site, where we post content that is too brief for this site, but too long for Twitter.  Since the last digest, our Posterous site has taken a look at the following items:


Turn By Turn GPS Navigation for GPS for $35 Bucks?? — CoPilot Live 8 – An affordable GPS app for the iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile (Touchscreen and Smartphone) looks intriguing, given the price.

Google is Listening to My Google Voice Suggestions – Google has made some improvements to Google Voice that address two of our earlier concerns.


If any of those headlines interest you, check out the 40Tech Posterous site.

Be a (HTC) Hero — Android-ilize your Windows Mobile Phone with PointSense

PointSense Suite V2 by BlueOcean | HTC Sense UI clone HTC has been knocking the socks off of the Windows Mobile universe for a while now with increasingly beautiful and functional UI (user interface) designs for their Windows Mobile phones. Now they have done it again with the release of the HTC Hero and the very spiffy Sense UI design. The only problem is, the Hero is an Android phone, and Sense UI (for the moment) is only on Android as well. Not to be out-modded, the Windows Mobile user-developer communities dove in headfirst in various attempts to clone, or at least nearly match, the Sense interface. Of the many themes and mods that surfaced, the PointSense Suite, built on the very slick and finger-friendly Pointui Home 2 interface, stands out as one of the best.

Video, screenshots and installation tips below.

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