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Tag: Texter

How to Sync Your Text Expansion Snippets Between Windows and Mac

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Yesterday we covered five ways to boost your productivity using a text expansion program. If we’ve sold you on the value of a text expansion program, your next question may concern which program to get. We previously mentioned how to use text expansion for free on Windows using Texter, an app that we identified as one of five tech tools to increase your productivity in a non-tech job. Texter was the first text expander that I used. When I added a Mac to my repertoire, though, one problem that I ran into was that Texter is a Windows-only app. I started using TypeIt4Me on the Mac, but then I had to manually enter my expansion snippets to keep them in sync between Mac and Windows. Recently I discovered a better solution – two separate apps (one on each platform) that can use the same snippet file, synchronized over Dropbox. I’ve been in text expansion heaven ever since.

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5 Tech Tools to Increase Your Productivity in a Non-Tech Job

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Being a tech fanatic can be a bit disheartening if you’re not in a tech job.  You’re aware of all sorts of great tech tools, but have no reason to use them (hello, Google Wave).  Some tech apps, though, actually are useful in non-tech jobs.  Here’s our take on five of them.  Do you have some tech tools that you use in a job that isn’t tech-focused?  If so, let us know in the comments.

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