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Giveaway! Win GTDagenda Premium: Free for Life – Just Read and Comment On Josh’s Take

Win a Premium Subscriptions to GTDagenda, Free for Life | 40Tech

A few weeks back we announced a writers’ contest. The folks at GTDagenda, a Getting Things Done app, offered us two free-for-life premium subscriptions to their task (and life) management service ($69.95/year value, each), and we decided to give one of those subscriptions away to the winning writer of an impartial review of the app. The winner of this phase of the contest is Josh, for his exuberant and well rounded take on GTDagenda as a service (congrats Josh!). Check out his review — and how you can win the second part of the giveaway — below!

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3 Days Left to Enter to Win a Lifetime Subscription to Gtdagenda


If you haven’t entered already, you still have time to enter to win a lifetime premium subscription to Gtdagenda.  A premium account gives you unlimited projects, goals, contexts, checklists, and more.  We’re giving away a free premium account to whomever writes the best impartial review of Gtdagenda.  It doesn’t matter if the review is positive or negative.  The winner will also receive an invitation to write for 40Tech.  Head on over to our initial contest announcement for the details.  We need to receive your entries on or before Friday, July 9, so get those entries in!

Get a Lifetime Subscription to GTDagenda for Free – and Become a Writer Too?

GTDagenda Free Lifetime Subscription | 40Tech

GTDagenda is a productivity application made to fit directly into the Getting Things Done methodology created by David Allen. The program appears to be fairly robust, though still "up and coming" and we’ve been curious about it for a while now. Our curiosity was piqued further when we heard that they had recently implemented an Evernote integration, which could solve some of the issues (such as calendars and reminders) that people run into when using Evernote as a GTD platform. So when the folks at GTDagenda contacted us to see if we would do a review – and offered two, lifetime, Premium subscriptions to our readers for free – we figured this was a great opportunity search for a few new writers.

Wait. What? – Read on. You’ll see what I mean.

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Springpad vs Evernote — Why It Might Be Better…

Springpad vs Evernote -- It Might Be Better | 40Tech A few weeks back, while researching for my comparison review of Shelfster and Evernote, I stumbled upon another alternative to collect information and organize your life: Springpad. I had the pleasure of speaking with the CEO and co-founder of Springpad, Jeff Janer (formerly of Third Screen Media and Britemoon) — and I have to say, Evernote user or not, Springpad may have a place in your life.

To test this theory against my normal giddy excitement for new tech, I got my wife to try it — and, let me tell you, if my wife can find a new piece of tech both useful and exciting, then it may just be one of the best bits software to appear in a long, long time.

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Getting Things Done (GTD) in Evernote with Only One Notebook

Getting Things Done in Evernote with One Notebook A while back, I was working a job that required much more effort and responsibility than was reflected in my pay grade — familiar story? Well, combined with multiple side-projects, keeping up with my wife, newborn daughter, two dogs and a plethora of other things that required my time and energy, I was drowning. I started researching ways to get things done more efficiently. That’s how I first came across the cultural phenomena (some would just say cult…) that is GTD. A friend of mine who was “in the know” about such things was nice enough to lend me an audio version of a GTD seminar by David Allen. After about 2 weeks of listening (on the train, before bed, whenever I could), and an attempted implementation, I realized that I needed a system that was less file cabinets and paper and more suited to my digital life.

Enter Evernote

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