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Tag: Environment

Wi-Fi is Radiation Too

Wi-Fi is Radiation Too | 40Tech

According to a Dutch study, our beloved Wi-Fi — the stuff that large populations of the planet now use in their homes, their workplaces, where they shop, where they drink coffee, and pretty much everywhere else they go — may be killing our trees. Or at least contributing to it. The researchers of Wageningen University say that more analysis is required to reach a solid conclusion on the matter, but so far, it looks like the particular radiation that is Wi-Fi is not at all interested in becoming a tree-hugger.

The tests were done in urban areas, where the high Wi-Fi and mobile phone network concentrations battle it out with other not-so-nice-for-trees elements such as fuel and other particle emissions. This leads to an obvious question about whether the trees’ sickness is more a result of other side-effects of urban sprawl, but the researchers feel they have a pretty good case against Wi-Fi. This is unfortunate, as Wi-Fi has become more and more a part of our daily necessities. Either way, something that is in the air in areas of major and connected human cities is causing the upper and lower layers of leaves to die, leaving behind a “lead-like shine” — and apparently inhibiting the growth of corn cobs.

This news, while not entirely proven true, may mark down one more in an ever-growing list of our human comforts and advancements that may actually be harmful to our immediate environment.

What do you think?

Study: Wi-Fi Makes Our Trees Sick [Read Write Web (via PC World)]

Green Tech to Save Some Green: A New Monthly Column

Green Tech to Save Some Green | 40Tech

Short of spending $18 billion of your hard earned cash on speculative research, there are things that each us can do to reduce our impact on the environment.  Yes, you can walk to work and stop using toilet paper, and those are certainly admirable and possibly uncomfortable efforts if combined, but let's be practical: most of us just aren't going to do that. So we wanted to take today to announce that 40tech will be starting a monthly column on environmental technology. We’re calling it Green Tech to Save Some Green. But wait! Didn’t we just say something about $18 BILLION on speculative research? Ohhh yes! Read on! 

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