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Eyeborg: So This Guy Replaces His Eye With a Wireless Web Cam… [Random Tech Video]

Rob Spence, Eyeborg: Endoscopic, Wireless Web Cam in Prosthetic Eye   40Tech

It may sound like a joke — but it’s not. If you’ve been poking about on YouTube or TechCrunch today, you may have already seen this: an interview (and partial commercial for the new Deus Ex) with Rob Spence, a man who has successfully created a prosthetic eye for himself that is actually an endoscope turned wireless video camera. It doesn’t plug into his brain or anything (we’re a while away from that yet), only outputting to a handheld LCD receiver/viewer, but hey — that’s still good enough for a decent bit of spy-tech, right? At the very least, it makes for a good “neeeeeeat” or “oh-ye-gods-that’s-gross” story.

Check out the video, below. Yep, video — and you do get to see him install and remove the eye, so if you’re squeamish… well, you’ve been warned.



So who wants one?

The death of tape-based camcorders: temporary bad news

camcorder Camcorder manufacturers are releasing fewer tape-based consumer camcorders each year, in favor of models that record to other digital media, such as flash storage.  This is great, right?  After all, tape can break, it isn’t as portable, and it is easier to copy a file from a format like a flash storage card to your computer, right?  Not so fast.  As much as it would seem that new storage media would run circles around tape, tape still has benefits that other storage media can’t yet match.  After the break, we’ll explain why, but also discuss why these benefits won’t last.  Photo by Joe Shlabotnik. Read more