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[Reader Survey] What Kind of Battery Life Does Your Smartphone Get?

battery life for smartphones

Smartphone battery life is a fickle thing, not only between different phone models, but among supposedly identical phones. After nearly two years with an iPhone, I started using my Android-based AT&T Captivate in December. One difference, among otherwise Android awesomeness: pathetic battery life. I installed Serendipity, a custom ROM, and saw some improvement, but I still can’t go from morning until bed time without plugging in the phone. The catch, though, is that other Captivate users who run Serendipity report battery life that is double what I get. Battery life seems to depend on an individual’s usage, the apps installed, and the condition of the battery in the device.

Let us know in the comments what kind of battery life you get. Make sure you let us know what phone you use, how heavily you use your phone, and any tips you’ve come across to increase your battery life.

To get the ball rolling on some tips, here is a very thorough thread from the xdadevelopers forum, for you users of Android custom ROMs, with several tips and links about how to improve battery life. The tips include deleting your battery stats, and doing a “bump charge,” among others. I’m running at about 13 hours now. How about you?

Should You Buy Generic or Brand-name Batteries For Your Gadgets?

battery life

Have you ever stood at the store, looked at the rack of batteries, and tried to decide whether you should fork over extra cash for the brand-name batteries? If you have pondered this, one site purports to have the answer: buy the cheapest batteries that you can, as they all perform similarly (with one exception).

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, at the request of DealNews, performed a test of different AA batteries to determine whether there’s any real difference between generic and brand-name batteries. A professor and a group of students conducted the test over several months, buying the batteries at retail.

The Institute determined that there was no measurable difference in quality among the batteries, with one exception. The Energizer Advanced Lithium battery outlasted the others. The problem is that the Energizer Advanced Lithium battery costs about four times as much as the cheapest battery.

One MAJOR caveat with this study: the people who conducted the study warned that the testing only included the pressures of constant demand, and not everyday usage, where our devices are constantly turned off and on.

DealNews: Test Results That Will Change the Way You Buy Batteries Forever [via Technologizer]