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The Apple Watch – Not Perfect but Still Useful

Eddie Smith over at Practically Efficient read my mind when he explained how the Apple Watch fits into his life.

Considering the frequency with which I’ve used the Watch every day for nearly a year now, the graph of my investment in the Watch per unit of utility is an asymptote teasing zero. For me, all of the following have been enough in Watch version 1.

He then lists 7 ways the Apple Watch works for him, and explains that his abandonment of third party apps on the Watch hasn’t diminished the ways in which the Watch is useful. Hit up the link for his list and a full explanation.

I still wear the Apple Watch | Practically Efficient

My Apple Watch in the Central Penn Business Journal

A few months ago, I was interviewed for a story in the Central Penn Business Journal about my use of the Apple Watch. At the time, that story was behind a paywall. That’s no longer the case, and you now can read the story here. For what it’s worth, I’m still using my Apple Watch as described in the article.

Attorney taps Apple Watch to enhance work and receive quick snippets of information | Central Penn Business Journal

Apple Watch Q&A – Improve Your Office Workflow

I recently sat down for a question and answer session about the Apple Watch. That Q&A is up on my firm’s website, and does a pretty good job of identifying what I like and don’t like about the watch. For me, the two biggest benefits to the watch are the ability to quickly get information into my system, and to quickly review information and get on with what I’m doing. I don’t use the watch as a tool for generating work. Instead, it “greases the skids” and helps me get work done on my other devices.

How Can the Apple Watch Improve Office Workflow? Q&A with Attorney Evan Kline | Katherman, Briggs & Greenberg, LLP

Apple Watch – the Ultimate OmniFocus Capture Tool

I’ve been progressing through the MacSparky OmniFocus Video Field Guide, which has giving me some “ah-ha” moments. I’d already known how to use Siri and the Reminders app to get tasks into OmniFocus with my voice, but I’d fallen off the wagon and hadn’t used that method in months. When the Field Guide covered that method, it hit me like a ton of bricks – since you can add reminders to the Reminders app with your watch via Siri, you also can add tasks to OmniFocus the same way.

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Apple Watch on a Thin Wrist, and Other Try-On Observations

I had an appointment today at my local Apple Store to try on the Apple Watch, and my intent was to address two questions. First, I wanted to get a sense for how the Space Gray Sport watch would look in an office environment, since I’m a lawyer. Second, I wanted to get a feel for how big the 42mm watch looked on my wrist, which isn’t too thick.

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