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December 17, 2012: 

I am no longer accepting guest posts for 40Tech. This decision was made for practical reasons. I get inundated with submissions, and realized that I was rarely accepting posts to include on the site. Reviewing the submissions was taking a great amount of time, and it also wasn’t a fair situation to the people submitting them since chances were that I wouldn’t be selecting their posts for publication. Thank you for your interest in submitting content for the site.


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  1. This is really sad news. i just visit your blog and its seems interesting. you must give opportunity to other writer to spread their things via your forum. However i have a guest post for your blog, well written and it will drive traffic to your blog

  2. Marc Henderson says:


    that’s an amazing website you’re managing there, I was wondering if I could somehow contribute to your website with some quality ideas that I have gotten here.
    Let me know what you say!


    Marc Henderson.

  3. vijay nagar says:

    Hello Dear, very sad to here that you are not accepting guest post, I have seen your article and they are awesome and I really want to be part of your website.
    So can you please inform us when you start accepting again.

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