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New York Times Paywall – WAY More Expensive Than the Competition

New York Times Paywall

The New York Times erected its paywall on March 28 in the U.S. While it is a fairly permeable wall (links from various sources will provide you with free access, and your first 20 visits each month are free), the Times’ subscription model is way out of whack with the rest of the industry. Head on over to The Understatement to see a chart showing just how much more expensive the Times will be than any other online source.

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So Much For New Media: Study Shows That Mainstream Media Drives Twitter Trends

twitter trends driven by old media

For all the talk about “new media,” it appears that old media still powers the online trends of today. Last month, HP released the results of a study that showed that user activity and number of followers on Twitter do not contribute strongly to trend creation and its propagation. Instead, mainstream media play a role in most trending topics, and act as a feeder of these trends.

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Slingbox Player For iPad is Almost Here, At Last

slingplayer for ipad

If you’re a regular visitor to 40Tech, you may remember that we’re fans of the Slingbox.  SlingPlayer for the iPhone works surprisingly well, allowing you to watch content from your home TV wherever you have a 3G or WiFi connection on your iPhone.  You can also watch via the web, and there are apps for many other mobile clients.   Unfortunately, the only option on the iPad was to run the iPhone app in compatible mode, so you didn’t get the benefit of the iPad’s higher resolution.  That’s about to change.

Last week, Sling Media announced that the iPad app is about to launch.  The app will cost $30, like the other mobile Slingbox apps.  The important fact to note (and one that was actually announced in October), is that the app will only work with the Slingox PRO-HD and the Slingbox Solo.  According to Sling, legacy Slingboxes don’t have the hardware capability to stream at the iPad’s higher resolution.

Are you like me, and pretty psyched about this news?

iPad Slingbox Player “Almost Here” [Zatz Not Funny!]

Relive Your Childhood With YouTube Time Machine

youtube time machine

Hot tubs aren’t the only things that can double as time machines.  Your computer can, too, with a bit of help.  YouTube Time Machine is a website that allows you to pick a year, and watch video content from that year.

The site is pretty simple.  A slider across the top allows you to pick a year (currently from 1860 through 2010).  The content is pre-selected by the folks who run the site, and is fed to you randomly for the year that you select.  You can filter content by type, allowing or disallowing certain categories of content.  The current categories are Video Games, Television, Commercials, Current Events, Sports, Movies, and Music.

youtube time machine full screen

As an example of what you might get, when I selected 1986, I was presented with a video montage of television commercials that aired in 1986, the music video for Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On a Prayer, a trailer for Short Circuit 1, a montage of television show openings, and Marv Albert’s best sports bloopers of 1986.

The site isn’t perfect, but it is still in alpha status.  Often, videos that I skipped kept returning as I skipped through content, and there is no way to list all of the selected videos for a year.  Still, YouTube Time Machine offers a nice journey down memory lane.  Does it bring back memories for you like it does for me?

YouTube Time Machine

Netflix Streaming Comes to Canada (Mostly)

Netflix Canada Lacks Content | 40Tech

After a (very) long wait, Netflix has finally opened up in Canada. Well, mostly, anyway. For starters, the Canadian arm of the service is streaming only, no delivery, so that that immediately cuts down the amount of possible content available to Canadians. That was just the first content cut, however… Canadian usage rights for entertainment content have always been an added difficulty with any mainstream media service, and Netflix proves to be no different. Even though the service has finally found its way to Canada, when Hulu, Pandora, and even YouTube content is still restricted, the selection of movies and television episodes have been met with groans of disappointment by many.

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