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How Google Can Save Buzz and Wave From Irrelevancy

Google buzzwave We have one question for you right off the bat- how many of you are still using Google Wave or Google Buzz?  Have both services flopped?  Back in August, we wrote about 3 reasons why Wave wouldn’t flop.  Has it?  What about Buzz?

My personal take on Buzz and Wave is that  Buzz is a flop, and is useless in its current form, while Wave is useful, but for limited purposes.  Read on, though, for how Google can save both services from irrelevancy.

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5 Suggestions to Improve Google Buzz

imageGoogle Buzz is Google’s latest foray into social media.  Buzz seems to borrow some elements from Twitter, a few from Facebook, and even some from FriendFeed.  Like most new products, though, Buzz isn’t perfect.  Many users have expressed their opinions on ways to improve Buzz, and we’re no different.  Here are 5 ways we think Google can improve Buzz.

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