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It’s Legal For You to Unlock Your iPhone But Not Your iPad. Huh?

What a crazy world we live in, thanks to the copyright police. An article over on Ars Technical shows just how screwed up our copyright system is here in the U.S., thanks to the DMCA. One example – it is legal to jailbreak your iPhone, but not your iPad.

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3D Printing Is Here! And So Are the Copyright Police


40Tech is pleased to present this guest post by Kyle from

3D printing at the moment is slowly becoming a more publicly available technology. In the not so distant past the technology was only really used by big companies in industries such as engineering to create prototypes, models, etc, but within the last few years there has been a big increase in public availability with a number of cheaper 3D printers appearing on the market.

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A Funny Take on Why “Copyright Math” is Bogus

By many accounts, one of the more entertaining talks at TED in 2012 was Rob Reid’s look at what he calls “copyright math.” Reid is the author of Architects of the Web and he founded Inc., which created the Rhapsody digital music service. In a very tongue in cheek demonstration, he points out the bogus nature of the entertainment industry’s math when it comes to supposed losses due to copyright infringement. For example, he discusses how the economic loss due to copyright infringement, as claimed by the entertainment industry, would equal the combined collapse of the entire U.S. corn, fruit, wheat, cotton, tobacco, rice, and . . . sorghum industries. He goes on from there, in a talk that is worth several laughs.

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And We’re Back . . . Hopefully SOPA and PIPA Aren’t

PIPA and SOPA censorship

If you tried to visit 40Tech today, you saw that we went dark from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. We turned out the lights, shutting off the site, to join the online protest again SOPA and PIPA. For a look at SOPA and PIPA, check out this video. Read more

A Horrifying Real-Life Example of What Might Happen if SOPA Passes

SOPA GoDaddy

You’ve probably heard about SOPA by now. SOPA is a bill that, if passed, would allow private companies (i.e. the movie and recording industry) to obliterate sites from the Internet, merely by making an accusation. For an example of the dangers of such a law, a post by the founder of Weebly is a must-read. Weebly is a web service that allows users to create their own sites using a drag and drop interface. The service hosts millions of sites. In 2009, the site was hosting over two million sites, and all those sites almost went dark thanks to a complaint by one business.

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