I have 245 friends on Facebook. About 45 are high school classmates and a bunch are family (I’m the youngest of 8 kids and also have a ton of cousins). There are quite a few co-workers I’m friendly with (very large company, and 14 years in the organization) … it begins to add up in a hurry.

There are a handful of people that I haven’t interacted with in “real life”, but it’s a pretty small number. And in nearly all of those cases, I’ve had significant online dialogue with them. An example of this is Evan, who is one of a small handful of my readers who knows my real name.

If I cut my list to 55, I’d be dropping some cousins :)

However, I do block apps, so I don’t hear about everyone’s Farmville crops. But I DO want to know what happens in these people’s lives.