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Social Media Overload: How Has Your Social Media Usage Changed Since the Release of Google+? [Reader Feedback]

Social media overload

We’re big fans of Google+ here at 40Tech. In fact, if you follow the Twitter accounts of either 40Tech or Bobby Travis, you’ll see that we’re not posting there quite as much as we did in the past. Are we alone in the way Google+ has detracted from our ability to be as active on Twitter? Let us know how your social media usage has changed since Google+ has arrived.

Has your usage remain unchanged, and Google+ doesn’t interest you? Are you finding time for multiple services? From a personal perspective, I do find that there are only a certain number of hours in the day. My Twitter usage has suffered the most. I continue to scan my stream for headlines, so Twitter still acts as the pulse of the Internet for me in some ways. But my Twitter posting is less than it was before Google+ arrived.

My Facebook usage, on the other hand, hasn’t really changed. That’s because I use Facebook for different reasons than the other services. Facebook is strictly a vehicle to keep up with real world friends for me, and most of those friends aren’t even on Twitter or Google+.

How about you? How has your usage changed (or not changed)?

Headache image by Sarah G.