I’m a big social networking junkie! In my head (which is a scarey place to be!) I see each offering slightly different things.

I’ve been on FB for years and keep a very tight reign on my friends list. I have about 55 friends on there. People drop on and off my list quickly if they just post rubbish. I honestly can not see why people have hundreds on people on FB. DO they really know them all?

For twitter I am very late to the party but in the last few months I have fired off over 1,0000 tweets as I got into it. Very different to FB as it is completely public and I use if for random musing and interaction with unknowns.

Google+ has been with me since July and I have always been a fan. For now I am collecting random followers and following unknowns. I tend to post almost everything as Public for now. It’s a struggle persuading friends to come away from FB to G+ so for now I am building up a nice group of virtual chums on G+

I’m now off to hunt down Even on G+ ;-)