Hi Andrew,

So glad you enjoyed the post! Yeah, recurring events don’t seem to be a priority for many task managers. It is a feature that was added to Producteev a while back, though I don’t think that theirs is as configurable as Google Calendar. Thankfully, they connect with Google Calendar, so that solves that.

Springpad’s connection with Google Calendar can help you with recurring events, as well. I suggest you keep the task active with a specific tag like Recurring, and then add the first event to Google Calendar. Then pop into Gcal and set up the recurrence and reminders there. Not a perfect setup, but it is a decent enough hack that it should keep your system flowing.

Back to Producteev for a sec: they allow links in their notes, but that is disabled currently due to a bug that needs crushing. Once that’s fixed, you should be able to ad a note with a hyperlink to wherever you want. Type Producteev in the search box here to get a glance at my write ups on the service.

Cheers! :D