In my briefs, I don’t have to do paragraph numbering, no. If you mean you need Scrivener to take your sections and put them together as auto-numbered paragraphs, then yes, it can do that (but to my knowledge it couldn’t autonumber the paragraphs within one section/sheet). I just played around with it, and it is best illustrated with screenshots (pardon the blurry images – I used the system to auto resize the images).

Here was my layout in the Scrivener binder (my sections on the left, and the content within a section on the right):

Here is how I was able to get it to compile into Word, with some tweaking of the settings:

Here are some of the settings I used. First, in Compile, under Formatting:

Under Formatting, click the Section Layout button (near the middle of the window), and use these settings in the “Title Prefix and Suffix” tab, which will tell it to use numerals instead of words, and tell it to add a tab after the number:

The next tab in Section Layout is “Title Appearance.” I checked the box next to “Insert title as run-in head.”

I hope I understood what you’re looking for. Scrivener allows a great deal of customization in final output.