Evan, I hear you!! I’ve been reading several articles and finally I’ve come across yours.

I do use Evernote a lot but over the years I have got tired of some limitations -like the lack of implementation of a proper organisation hierarchy other than Notebooks and Stacks-, and specially the lack of server-side encryption.

While I have not yet started to use DT on a daily basis (just downloaded a copy today), I honestly think I have an opinion on what it feels like using two different platforms for storing data, as I have been using Evernote’s Local Folders for years (for the data I considered sensitive).

So, my question for you is: how do you chose what goes where?

For example: what do you do when you have just purchased an online item like for example a pair of shoes on Amazon? where does this go? it is a web clipping but it may contain your address… what about a manual that contains some sensitive code, or even worse, a manual that could, but you aren’t sure at the time of your archiving, contain something sensitive among its 1.000 pages? It’s kind of hard to describe what I mean but I hope I’ve managed to make my point…

Thanks in advance,