I do Genealogy Research. I have a large amount of data. For example. I will create a lot of Notes on John Smith, his father, Robert Smith and his wife, Mary Brown. Right now I am organizing by creating a Stack for Smith’s with Notebooks for Robert and John and a separate Stack for Brown’s, Mary Brown. As I understand Tags, I should tag things like the Marriage Record with Tags John Smith and Mary Brown. will have over 5000 individual with anywhere from 1- 20+ or more Tags. I presume I will be using Tags and Searches to revisit these source documents over time. On top of that I have the rest of my life, WoodWorking Projects, Starting a Small Business, Home Needs, Fun Stuff, etc.

I was looking for Multi-level Stacks but I see that does not exist. Being over 40 (Just made it to 50), I have been raised on Windows Explorer hierarchies but have moved to Mac in the last 3 years and love it. So…am I missing anything with my Evernote Organization??