I don’t know if i’m the only person in the world having huge formatting bugs with Evernote, because nobody else seems to mention them.

Some of them are:
Before i use (un)ordered lists i must insert some returns, because sometimes i get stuck inside a list and i can’t insert a new line;
Text inside (un)ordered lists apply random formatting (different font size and font family);
If i select my whole text and change the font family or size, (un)ordered lists are unchanged and sometimes it even messes up font size on the whole text;
If i insert an attachment in the middle of my note, it creates a huge amount of white space after the attachment and i’m unable to delete it;
If i change the entire text’s font, random lines become big, others become small, only a few become the size i want;
Space between lines is random;
New paragraphs become so much bugged that sometimes the cursor becomes half-sized or even badly positioned (between the lines);
And these are only some issues that i can remember right now.

All i know is that writing my class notes in Evernote couldn’t be more painful. I spend more time trying to force it to format the text the way i want it than to actually take the notes.

I got tired of it and now i’m changing to GD. Text formatting is flawless so far, so i take less than half the time to create my notes and i’m very happy with it.

Oh, by the way, i’ve wrote a huge article on Springpad, it seemed pretty good for me, but one week later all i had left on that article were a couple of cropped lines from 2 or 3 paragraphs. I’ve made a huge mistake for not saving it somewhere else… Springpad lost every single bit of my trust.