I know this article is almost six months old, but it’s doing me some good right now.

I’m back in a minimalist kick and part of this is streamlining my digital life. I have information in three places:

1. Work laptop (Windows XP). I’m not allowed any cloud storage or syncing.
2. Personal laptop (OS X). I have my Documents folder linked to my Google Drive folder.
3. My Evernote account.

I keep trying to think of ways to consolidate, but it gets fuzzy between Google Drive and Evernote. So I asked myself two questions.

Why do I like Evernote over Google Drive?
1. Geotagging of notes.
2. Ability to combine multiple file types into a single note (e.g. a note can contain a Word document, PDF, and a spreadsheet).

Why do I like Google Drive?
1. For me it’s a 100% replacement of a desktop office suite, I have no office suite loaded at all on my Macbook.
2. I like how it handles various file formats.

For now I’ve decided geotagged information or collections of various types of information go into Evernote. Everything else into Google Drive. But it’s the simple stuff where I get stuck. Where should a simple text file with just a few lines of information go? I’m not consistent and find I too often loose files.

I’m not looking for anyone here to solve my issues. :-) Just thinking out loud. Bobby, thanks for a great post!