I like Evernote for casual random stuff, and general interest things.

I like Google Drive for school/academics, things because you can sync that seamlessely with the folder structure on your windows desktop, and also if you’re doing school projects, Google is the best way to collaborate and share.

I agree with those that said nothing does everything yet.

I think once I’m out of school, I’ll end up doing Evernote for everything.

I don’t know what will happen to workplaces, at THIS time, Microsoft has a monopoly, but their cloud (Skykdrive?) is behind others. Ipads are starting to appear in the work place so I wonder about iCloud.

I do predict at some point in the future, business needs will force cross-platform compatibility.

Lastly, I’m surprised Dropbox and Evernote haven’t been bought out by one of the bigger companies.