SO I have just started with the idea to put all my business paper work and files in the cloud so I can access anywhere.

I am a beginner with the cloud world. Went to a seminar and the speaker was talking about evernote and how he used to use dropbox along with evernote and now he changed dropbox to box and he said that he next thing will be Google Drive that will replace his box.

I am so confused! I signed up for Evernote and started studying about it. I started to do a few thing, but before transferring all my business docs to evernote I need to know which one actually is best.

Why would i need dropbox, or box or google drive along with Evernote? Couldn’t evernote already save all my documents?

I know that evernote is not good for saving video and music, but I don’t use that for work anyways….

In you opinion. If you use already use evernote why would you need google drive? Besides the clipping and tagging issues with google drive why would I need another thing that does what evernote does?

I need more straight forward answers?